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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 59.5%

A:   172   Joined
B:   117   Not Joined


•   Nancy Ann Trottnow (Fannon)  4/25
•   John Friderick Ruggles  5/5
•   Linda Lucile Straughan  5/7
•   Edward O'Brien  5/8
•   Rosie Jenkins (Morris)  5/9
•   Oma Florence Mobley (Pantridge)  5/14
•   Susan Lea Ringholm (Fuller)  5/16
•   Robert "Gary" McPhearson  5/19
•   Sheryn Porter (Reeves)  5/19
•   Sheryn Esther Porter (Reeves)  5/19


•   Pamela Kay Mendenhall (Oselka)  4/21
•   Charles Edward Miller  3/6
•   Bonnie Fyfe (McGee)  2/21
•   Carol Lynn Airey (Yancar)  2/13
•   Dennis Orthner  1/23
•   Margaret Mary Fullerton (Cameron)  10/22
•   Mary Ann Rummler (Dougherty)  10/9
•   Helene Marianne Schultz (Luethje)  9/16
•   Parker Stafford  8/9
•   Joseph James Jerele, Jr.  8/9
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Largo Senior High School
Class Of 1963


Checking the girls swim team ....can't be to short!







Historical Society Garage Sale Crew

Check out all the Largo High Grads in this group...all together again working for Largo and the Society....PS  Jim McGee took this pic.



We have numerous LHS 63 members who visit this web site almost of the most loyal, and beautiful is

Thank You Susan for being such a loyal Classmate, friend and Largo Packer!


Remember this place....the A & W at Hamlim and Walsingham....rootbeer was a dog a quarter.


Babs Dente....This young lady will be coming home to Largo for a visit this summer....If you want to visit with Babs be sure to let Charlie know.....Welcome Home Sweetheart!

Charlie, Jim Romine, and Jim McGee at a recent Cracker Supper

Judy Zubrod! Judy, we would love to have you visit our web have been away from us far to long.


How about this bunch of Largo Packers


We always remember our Packer Classmates who have gone before us. May they Rest In Peace



Three important Announcements



Need all our Vets to turnout for this meeting.


LHS Class of 1962 55th Reunion, Sept. 29 & 30


2017 Cracker Supper

Class of 63 attending the Cracker Supper

Very Happy Bonnie, she just won the 50/50 drawing

Jim and Judy enjoying dinner and fellowship

Charlie Jim Romine and Jim McGee

Paula and John with Mariann Morrow

Happy Packer, Glenn Mitchell, visiting with old friends.

Paula and Jan enjoying dessert

Old Packer Football players remembering old times.

Jim Kramer, Class of 62 holds trophey awarded to the Class of 62 for having best attendance for 5 years in a row.

Charlie, Jim and Jim, Wow, 3 handsome chaps

Connie and Bonnie relaxing after dinner.

Betty Held (LHS 62) and Charlie talk about old times at LHS.

Our thanks to Classmate Connie Payne for taking all these photos ....and a hundred more. Thanks!










Coming Soon, the Reunion of a lifetime!

As Always watch this web site for details


What will you be doing for this, the most important of our celebration days! St. Patrick's Day


Two of my most favorite people in the world


What were we, age 11 0r 12...didn't matter wow did Annette look good!!!!


Remember that movie at the Drive Inn movie?

Nancy Dietz, the smile was always on this Packer

Would you check out all those '57 Chevy's!

Must have been CHS kids....Largo couples NEVER did anything like Harry Jett told me.


Packer boys are always Packer boys!



Harry and Anne way back in 1993


Memories from St. Pete JC


Gail Gardner 1964 and 1965 SPJC


Sally Gardner 1964 and 1965 SPJC

Rob and Anne on vacation in Australia. Anne trying to get Rob behind bars in the oldest jail in the country.


Lets take a look back at some of the Cars of our days at ol' Largo High

Check out that selection of of old cars.

Yup, that was my famous 56 Pontiac, drag racing on Highland was some kind of fun...can't remember who the young lady was.

Charlie likes this one!

Always the gentleman, John opens the door for his future wife....good job John!


Ken Free, "Ya, sure this is my car"....Gail Gardner, "ya right Ken"!

Connie cleaning up Jim Romine's carpet car

Marie tells Jim, "I'm sure this came from under the hood, help me put it back......please Jim"!!!


Dana and her "Big Girls Car"

Ron and Shelia check out a new Ford Thunderbird


Send us your photos, your classmates really are interested in YOU!