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Largo Senior High School
Class Of 1963

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How many of you remember Clearwater Beach when it looked like this?

1953 at the beach, remember the Australian pines and getting stuck in the sand?


Mildred Helms 3rd grade class in Sept. of 1953. Pictrue taken in John Pecarek's back yard...Gator Lake in background.  I know the picture is small, but cannot inlarge with this program. If you can help ID anyone it would be appreciated. Craig Petelle is in this picture, can you  pick him out?

New 1963 Prom Picture...Remember who these good looking Packers are?


The Cracker Supper for 2019 was just great...once again the LHS Class of 1964 won the attendance award...'63 one of these days we will win....

At least two more of us were missing from the Class photo...Jim McGee and Charlie Harper were working....naturally while the rest played! Thanks '63 for coming out.

Scott and Kathy had a grand time.

Diane kept the OJ coming for all

Harry and Kathy have a picture taken by the old Milk Bar sign

Gordon (LHS 62) our Official Photographer Connie and Jim McGee take a moment to relax

Bonnie and Gordon talking about the old memories of LHS

All smiles, Jan and Casey...they should smile, Casey won the big 50/50 drawing...wonder what Jan is going to do with all that $$$?

Charlie buying 50/50 tickets while Diane and Bonnie tell him to buy more tickets.

A very large crowd of over 300 attended this year....just not enough Class of 1963 folks...Next Year for sure!

Our thanks to Connie Paine for taking these wonderful memories of the Cracker Supper and the Class of 1963....see more photos on Facebook.



Very Beautiful young ladies from our old LHS








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