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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 59.5%

A:   172   Joined
B:   117   Not Joined


•   Marion Daniel Heina  2/20
•   Richard (Rick) Tipton  2/20
•   Michael Gordon Dumas  2/23
•   Randall Richard Ruzicka  2/25
•   Bonnie Fyfe (McGee)  2/26
•   Mary Hajdukiewicz (Stanford)  2/26
•   Charlie Harper  3/1
•   Joseph James Jerele, Jr.  3/1
•   Clarence David Kaiser  3/3
•   Mariann Morrow (Henry)  3/4
•   Stephen Gage Christodal  3/6
•   Terry Rodger Williams  3/11
•   Shelley Berger (Antonucci)  3/12
•   Ann Ropulewis (Erickson)  3/17


•   Carol Lynn Airey (Yancar)  2/13
•   Pamela Kay Mendenhall (Oselka)  2/12
•   Dennis Orthner  1/23
•   Margaret Mary Fullerton (Cameron)  10/22
•   Mary Ann Rummler (Dougherty)  10/9
•   Helene Marianne Schultz (Luethje)  9/16
•   Bonnie Fyfe (McGee)  8/25
•   Parker Stafford  8/9
•   Joseph James Jerele, Jr.  8/9
•   Betty Bowman (Hammond)  7/10
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Largo Senior High School
Class Of 1963


Please Note:

Reservation Deadline for the

2017 Cracker Supper is March 1.

If you would like to attend get your check and paper work in NOW!



Just received this Christmas Family photo from     Carolyn Harwood

L - R Carolyn's daughter Kelly, Great Granddaugher   Mackenzie, Santa and Carolyn. 




Remember these five Packer Football Players?

From the 1961 LHS Football Team: Jim Jerele, Jim Romine, Harry Jett, Jim Akin, and Gordon Geissler. All five were at the February Largo Area Historical Society meeting...Lots of great Packer memories from these guys.

Welcome Carol Lynn Airey

Carol has joined the LHS 63 Class web site...

Carol, we welcome you!


Pam Mendenhall Oselka Family

Pam sent this picture of her family taken last summer on a camping trip to Upper Michigan..Pam wants to say HI to everyone and say how much she enjoyed our 50th Reunion.  A great big LHS 63 HI back at ya Pam!


Reunion Memories from 2013

Our Reunion Queen, Chair, and Best Buddy

Relive these great memories again at the annual Historical Society, "Cracker Supper"! Join your classmates on March 11 for a really great time. LHS Classmates from back in the 1940s up to and includding the present time. Contact Charlie Harper using the email on this website for additional information...but act now!

Join your classmates on Saturday, March 11 for memorories and fun times...but time is running out ....act now.

From the 20th Reunion, Loni and Wes

Bonnie and Jim, a few years ago

From our 40th reunion

Shari and Sheri

All the best to all our 1963 Loved Classmates!

May all your sunsets be Largo Packer Blue and Gold Sunsets....see you March 11!

Really Great News.....

Some really fun news just came in....Judy and Jim will be coming to Largo for a visit in March. Jim and Judy will be attending the annual Historical Society "Cracker Supper" held this year on Saturday, March 11. This will be a great time for you to visit with Jim and Judy while have a fun time at the Cracker Supper. Many of your Class of 1963, as well as from other LHS classes will be at the Supper....Don't Charlie Harper now to make a reservation.  Saturday, March 11. No tickets are sold at the door.


Be on the lookout, two young Largo Packers

Harry Jett and Jim Jerele are are reported to be out on the town.

Reported to be at race tracks all over central Florida. They are said to be coming to the Historical Society meeting on this coming Monday prepared for fun!


    My Friend, Carlon Sue Harwood

I talked with Carolon this morning....she is doing

fine, living in Ky. now. So good to talk with someone

after all these years. Carolon says HI to all , send her

and email and say hello.

Remember Going to this place

See, the real reason boys took girls to the Drive Inn...was the prices of the food!


A day filled with memories.....

Thanksgiving Day 1961. Clearwater won the game, but boy did we have fun! Check out the cute cheerleader in front


Jim Jerele catches the big one on Sarasota Bay

Good going Jim!


Should I or maybe not...go into A Wing?

May, 1961 10th grader Sandy Parson wonders what it will be like as a Junior at old Largo High. What a really nice person she is!


OK, how good is your memory...these are pictures of you, maybe not you, but your classmates. These pictures were taken in the Fall of 1960, yup can you believe 57 years ago.  See an old girlfriend or boyfriend here?  If you can guess right on everyone let me know.

Our Longtime Buddy, Dana




Following four stories from the May 28, 1963

Largo Hi Times






See the Dietz Sunoco Ad....That was Nancy Dietz's Dad...can you just imagine seeing the really cute Nancy out pumping gas and giving away green stamps.

Man, I would have gone by and purchased .50 worth every other have Nancy wait on me.   ha ha



Kathy Jett coming home from work on Saturday was hit by another car. Kathy's car had a lot of damage, but Kathy came away unhurt, Thank God.   Your prayers are always appreciated for both Kathy and Harry.



The cold weather made it to Largo on Saturday and Sunday, Jauuary 7th and 8th.  Cold for Largo that is....40 degrees on Saturday AM, 34 degrees on Sunday AM and they say it will be near 37 degrees on Monday....80 by next Friday.



"When I Grow to Old to Dream, I'll Still Remember YOU"

Can you belive it, the year 2017! Sounds like something out of a Saturday morning cartoon at the Largo Theatre in 1954.  Do you remember Mr. Thrall, the Manager at the time...and his beautiful young Daughter Barb Thrall...Barb always told her Dad when I was throwing those little pibbles on the tin roof of the theatre...oh well, just another day in trouble.

This morning the maid was here at the house, so I left and took a drive...first to McDonalds for good, orange juice, coffee, black, hot and strong! ..Good way to start a Largo day.  When finished off on my adventure for the day....first to the back...needed some $$$$. Drove down to the Belleair Causeway, parked and watched the boats load and unload ....while I finished my coffee. Believe me the causeway is nothing like it was when we were kids. After working on Friday nights at Publix we would take the butcher into giving us a bucket of blood and meat trash....take it to the causeway, swim out and dumb it....didn't take long for the sharks to come....bunch of us actually caught a Hammerhead shark about 8 feet long one forever to land it.

Leaving the causeway I went west over the bridges and onto Belleair Beach, made a left turn heading south now to Indian Rocks Beach. Boy has that place changed. Went by the old West Pinellas Little League Feild befory continuing south to the Walsingam Bridge and back to Largo. Before long, I passed the oldest public school in Pinellas County, Anona School, first built in 1872 and still going.  And that was my big adventure for the day.

Now for some very good lifelong buddie and our classmate Jim McGee is much better! Jim had a full dinner on New Years day...and will be attending the Largo Historical Society Meeting on January 9.  Good going Jim, keep it up!


Yes, one of these days the LHS Class of 1963 will have more members attend the annual CRACKER SUPPER and take the trophy away from that bunch of LHS 1962.   This year the Supper is on Saturday March 11th at 5:30 PM in Largo. Watch for announcements.


Your classmates love to see the pictures and know you are OK

Check out this picture of Anne and her friends at "Rotto" for the Holidays....Rotto is Rotternest Island, about 12 miles off the coast. Check out that dinner they will be having. Anne and Rob wish all a very Happy New Year.

Love and good wishes to all,




Proud to be a PACKER!

The new PACKER WALK will be ready for the 2017 Football Season....Go Largo!