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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 59.2%

A:   171   Joined
B:   118   Not Joined


•   Gladys Ann Hunsinger (Guy)  10/29
•   Shirley Ann Ross (Max)  10/29
•   Donna Sue Stone (Masinter)  10/31
•   Richard Charles Dustin  11/1
•   Kenneth Eugene Hatcher  11/1
•   Peggy Wofford (Eibell)  11/1
•   Carole Ann Darrah (Bradfield)  11/4
•   Kenneth David Free  11/5
•   John MAZZarella  11/5
•   Richard Alden Hause  11/7
•   Jerry Earlene Hutson (Keefer)  11/13
•   Sylvia G. Malikow (Hargreaves)  11/13
•   Gerald Allen Lechner  11/16
•   JoAnne "Jody" Payne (Dean)  11/18
•   Carol Linda Blake (Semenko)  11/21
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Largo Senior High School
Class Of 1963

Happy Birthday Maria

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!





Send me  your photos so we can share....

Babs and Terri, Beach Girls from Largo

What Talent are Classmates Have!

Darrell Schreiber did this colored pencil drawing titleled, "Waiting for Abbey"

Thanks Darrell for sharing with us.

At the end of summer, remember these young ladies?

Or these two beauties.....

Name these six beautiful young LHS gals


These two drove the boys wild...who are they?

This girl defined the word beautiful...remember her?

Can you remember thses "babes" from LHS 1962?


Largo High School opens it doors for the first time





New Front Entrance to the new Largo High...Ready for Students in mid August.

Showing the floor of the new Packer Gym


On the Columbia River

Terri Brandt Price and Daughter Robin, on the river


Paula and John Pecarek in the mountains of Canada on Vacation


Mariann Marrow on vacation in Budapest, on the Danube River



Carol Cheetham (right) and her sister, both doing public service work in 2016. Thank you girls!


Your Reunion Committee met last week to talk over several items. We were a few short, but had a great meeting. Jim McGee was in the area....babysitting his 7 year old Granddaughter at Largo Central Park...about 95 degrees outside.

Had to add Charlie and take away Bonnie for this pic...only a few of us at the meeting.




Harry & Kathy Jett on the beach. Check out that great Packer shirt Harry has on!





Meeting for an afternoon reunion in Black Mountain are Ann and Benjie Streets. Great when our classmates can get together. Don't both of these guys look great!


Scott, Kathy and friends celebrate Scott's Birthday at at Rays Baseball Game. Happy Birthday Scott!


Donna Stone take a "little" sip of French wine while on a tour of France this last week.

Yup, the big kid with the fireworks is our old buddy Hugh Lewis showing his Grandson the proper way to hold a sparkler.


Keep sending the Pictures!


Hey '63 Packers....

The LHS Class of 1961 is preparing now for their 55th Reunion in September.

The LHS Class of 1962 is just now starting to think about having a 55th Reunion in 2017.

The LHS Class of 1963 is next up...if we have a 55th Reunion it will take place in 2018. What do you think? Should the Reunion Committee at least start thinking about a Reunion....send Bonnie an email or call her and let her know what you are thinking.

The NEW Largo HIgh will open the doors in August of this years. Coming in at a cost of about $65 million. We will publish photos soon. Also we will make an announcement when the school plans to have an openhouse.

Hope everyone is doing well....Love and prayers to all.



Wow! What a Really Great Party we had on Saturday May 7that our mini reunion. Some pictures are below.

   You can see all 106 pictures taken by our gifted photographer, Jennifer, on the Class's Shutterfly page,   If you need help downloading the photos, see the instructions on the "Tween Reunions Information" page.







A moment at LHS captured forever in this great photo of Joanne Payne. One of the many things that made our class of 1963 so special.


​Home Page of the Largo High School

Largo, Florida


​CLASS OF 1963


Photos of new Largo High....Page Down



​An old friend comes to an end....not much left of the proud old Hotel
Thanks to Terri Brandt for sending us these photos taken just last Sunday.
The old Builtmore will soon be gone.
Jean dancing with some old man, probably a retired doctor or attorney.
One of the good ol boys, PACKER #00
Remember old #00...I always wondered who posed for this, was it Glenn, Jim, Dennis, Larry or maybe Gary. Guess we will never know.   OUT THANKS TO TERRI BRANDT FOR FINDING OLD "00" AND SENDING IT TO US
New Largo HIgh looking south to north..Missouri Ave on left. Note D wing and portable classrooms still in photo for another 2 months.
Above: Largo High looking west to east.
Above: Looking north to south.
Remember Carol Cheetham...She still looks mighty good...sorry for the narrow photo...I had to crop out the two dudes she was with....​
             Do you believe we went from this above to this just 12 years! Well, maybe plus 50 more.
Loni Marsh (green shirt) and friends at the opening game of the Ray on Sunday
Looking as beautiful as on graduation day, Babs Dente now lives in Georgia.
Yup, that is our Ann!
Grandpa Glenn....he always was a big teddy bear
Terri Brand Price and beautiful Granddaughter Julie
As beautiful as the day she graduated....Sharon Gail Gardner
Sandy and Dennis, 50 years together....Beautiful
Peggy and Bonnie....can you just remember the day!
Marveen and Jim...married 50 years...Lucky guy Jim!
Hugh Lewis and part of his family. Hugh was the original "good guy" and still is!
Our Girl Annie, as beautiful as her first day at LHS
Check out this trio from a day or two ago...The gals are still beautiful...Scott??

Wow, 78's...even we were kids when they had them....


  How about this memory...Our 1963 Prom




And the King and Queen of the Prom

Very Handsom Jim and Beautiful Jody!


We are getting rained on every day in Largo....just like when this, one of my favorite photos was taken. Kathy Mortenson was the Class photographer and took this great photo, Thanks Kathy!



Carol Cheetham and Loni Marsh at a recent lunch, Simply Beautiful!


Doing this web site these last few years as been a blast for me. Sharing the photos of those LHS Packers who we know and love has made it a joy!  I hope as the years continue to go by that we never lose our memories of our days at old Largo High



Please send us your pictures to share....that is how we stay the LHS Class of 1963

​Since our 50th Reunion in 2013 We Have Lost Several Additional Clasmates:

Elizabeth Martin
Wes Stelk
Russell Martin
Bill Ott
Jeff Smith
Judy Stephen
Bill Johnson
Ann Lingenfelter
Dennis Dort
Mitchell Harter
Karen Sue Thompson
May these, our Class of 1963 Classmates Rest In Peace, They Are Remembered In Our Prayers