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Largo Senior High School
Class Of 1963

God Bless the U S A


A Sad Announcement

It is always a sad day when we announce the death of a former Classmate

We were just informed of the passing of Nancy Brocht Verville. Nancy left LHS in her Junior year.

We remember her for her great smile and as being a very friendly person. Nancy lived in Old Town, Florida, she was 73 at her death.

RIP Nancy



Donna, the Class of 1963 wishes you the BEST Birthday ever, and naturally special Birthday wishes from the Editor!




November 6th


Make sure YOU vote!





The cute little girl who as a teen became the beautiful Carol Cheetham at LHS. 

Carol moved to Alabama, married had a family then....when most of us are thinking about taking it easy...not Carol! Carol volunteered to be a FIRE FIGHTER, yes I said a FIRE FIGHTER.  After years of fires, and emergency calls our Carol is going to retire. Pictured here our little lady receives her badge and retirement.

Carol from all your LHS 63 friends we wish you the very best, and thank you for all your service. We all LOVE YOU CAROL!


Photo of the Largo Safety Patrol in May, 1957

See anyone you know?

Back Row...Yup, that is John Pecarek, next to John is Lana Kay Roberts.





Happy Birthday John Pecarek

John and his beautiful wife Paula on vacation...for sure not in Florida.

John at the old Packer Gym before the

new LHS was built.



Happy Birthday Jean!


Jean Conover, about as pretty as can be...married some Army guy named Blaney

(never could understand that when NAVY guys were available).

Happy Birthday Jean!


Happy Birthday Jim McGee

James McGee, one of the best ever! Loyal Largo Packer, Loyal Gator and 35 + year year veteran of Florida Power Corp. Have a great Birthday Jim!

Jim, Darrell and Bonnie at the 2018 Cracker Supper having a good time.



My neighbor in old Largo

Donna Stone in the 10th Grade at LHS....about as pretty as can be!


Donna was looking straight at Charlie Harper saying, "Now Charlie don't forget......


Miss Donna Sue Stone





Camp Keystone, 1956,  Know anyone in this picture?

Back row on left, seated in our Senior Class Prez. John Pecarek. the front row, the man....who is he?

How about Burt Reynolds himself. 

RIP Bandit




Connie, the entire LHS Class of 1963 wishes  you a very


and a special HB from me!



Tom and Jean Blaney having a nice dinner at sea

Two Packers for all time!



Happy Birthday Jan LaFoy

Good ol Largo Red neck Hug and kiss for ya Jon on your Birthay!  All the best good friend!

Happy Anniversary Ann!

How about this picture from 1951

The LHS Packer Cheerleaders

1952 LHS Band...Hotel sits on this field today.

Bring back any memoreis?


Beautiful Judy Black


The Early Days of Pizza in our Area!

Pete's Pizza in Clearwater...this place had to have the area....NO...the World's Worst Pizza! Anyone have any ?memories? or this place?


Very close friends pay us a visit

Judy and Jim attended the Historical Society Cracker, we had a great time visiting.

Charlie, Jim and Jim have a fun visit at the Cracker Supper....hard to believe we have been friends for over 60 years.



Another New Prom Picture

Packer Girls were about as PRETTY as they could be, Carolyn is a perfect example!

From the Class of 1963 Prom here is

Carolyn Harwood and Glenn Pickering

Find your prom picture and send it in to us so we can share with your class.




Our Class of 1962 Buddy



Can You Name this Beautiful Young Lady? The picture was taken on June 10th 1963

  Truly Wonderful gal, and Packer!

Anne Solomon


Heard from Loni Marsh the other day, she is doing well, lives just south of Largo these days.

Loni back in 1963 and just a year ago when several of us met out at the Pub on IRB. This is Carol Cheetham and Loni.

Loni and date at the Prom, May, 1963


Use this web site and send Loni an email

The Class of 1963 grew to love this beautiful young lady named Anne Jeanette Solomon. Many us us got to visit with "Annie" 50 years later in 2013 when Annie came back to Largo for our 5oth Reuion. She was the same person, we all loved her the same. 


Annie and Harry Jett celebrate with a drink when Annie visited in 1993.



How Proud We Are of You 

Carol Cheetham, Sweetheart the entire LHS Class of 1963 Loves You!   At the young age of 39 (ha ha) Carols is still out volunteering as a fightfighter. Carol you are indeed a credit to our Class. Bless You Hon!




This Colored Pencil drawing of the late Rock and Role singer, TOM PETTY was done by our own classmate 

Darrell Schreiber

What a wonderful job Darrell did on this drawing. Send Darrell a message and let him know how we appreciate his work.











Class of 1963 members who were at the 2018 Historical Socity Cracker Supper. All had a really fun time. Jim McGee and Charlie Harper also attended but were, as usual working their butts off at the time of the picture. Thanks to all for attending...and everyone else should join in next year.




If you are up in NC stop by pay our buddy Ann a visit.

Ann does such beautiful work with a pen...make every effort to visit Ann at this Exhibition in Cary Art Center, Cary N.C.

Check out Ann's web site at:

Ann Erickson: Illuminations Custom Calligraphy

Ann has many beautiful displays for all to see!


Attention:  If you attended grade school or junior high here in Largo...AND if you have any class photos of general school photos from that time period I would love to have copeies.

Please email Charlie at:


Do You Remember 

Two BEAUTIFUL young LHS Juniors. Photo taken in December of 1961.  Remember who they are?

Joanne and Meredyth



Classmates...We need your help in keeping this web site going. Information on our classmates from LHS 1961, 1962, our own 1963 and 1964 is very important to  us. All of these folks were our friends as well as classmates!

Very important that  you keep  your profile up to date...that you keep in touch from time to time so that we know you are OK, and where you are. Believe me, no one except Jim McGee and Charlie Harper have access to any private information such as your address or phone number. It has been 55 years since graduation, most of us are now in our early 70s, time continues to fly on. 

As you look at these old photos and see yourself or your friends remember that those friends are still wanting to hear from you.....please send photos or write a message soon. 


Yup, I'm really getting older...


The Class of 1963 at the 2018 Cracker Supper

(McGee and Harper were there, just working)



Can you just imagine being born on St. Patrick's day!


Loni Marsh




I just love this picture, great memory of our old LHS

Remember Sally Gardner...I think she was the original "girl next door" Love ya Sally!


Even in WAR...thses young ladies were the Packer Cheerleaders of 1944! 

Sandy Parsons looking at A Wing wondering what was ahead for her in our Junior year...1961



12th grade English...Mr. Wheeler reading!

Oh, those were the days...


This Couple has been together a few days!



Never can tell where you will find Hugh he is in Kuwait...excuse me...Col. Lewis that is.

The Very Beautiful Donna Stone...(one lucky guy, I was Donna's neighbor).

55 Years ago....Just 3 months until Graduation! Can you remember that far back...Boy, those were the days in old Largo Town.



Thanks for the Packer Memories!

Hugh Lewis and wife Diane take an ice creame break at       Boone N. C.  I would say they look good and relaxed.












LJHS Band 1957


During the Darkest Days of WW2 in 1943 and 1944....

These four very pretty LHS Cheerleaders kept that Packer Spirt high at LHS.


From the 1945 Packer Yearbook...those Packers who left school to join the Armed Forces of the United States of America. God Bless Them!





The Packers opened the season on Friday, August 25 playing the St. Pete High Green Devils. Not a good night for the Packer as they went down to a  31 - 6 defeat. 


Remember this place

Brand new Largo Lanes, opened in 1957....many a SLUG had at this place.

Yup, Inky really liked this place....


Loni and Wes at our 20th Reunion

Tom didn't really need what he was buying...just an excuse to see Jean!


Class of 1963 Officers....ready for graduation.


I think we called this "puppy love"....what do I know!




Class of 1963 members at Historial Society Cracker Supper, March 2017